Food Science Representative - Manit Dhingra (He/Him)

​Hi there, this is Manit Dhingra. I am the Food Science Rep for NECO this year. This is my first year affiliated with NECO. I am an international student from India who’s in his fifth (and hopefully last) year. Being from a different country, adjusting to the culture in Canada was tough for me. Finding a community that shared the same love for food as I do, helped me find a family away from home. A fun fact about me: Some say I should’ve been in the Asper School of Business due to my verbal skills, but when you love food as much as I do, Food Science was the way to go! In my free time, I love watching wrestling, listening to music, and talking cricket. Hit me up if you relate to any of the above, we’ll have a great time together! Thank you for reading till the end😊