Roles and responsibilities of Senior dc rep

-      Plan and host events for students, including Nutrition Month in March, alongside the Dietitians of Canada Junior Representative

-      Help promote DC’s annual Nutrition Month campaign on campus

Roles and responsibilities of Junior dc rep

-      The Junior DC Rep is recruited each summer for the upcoming school year. A recruitment letter is sent via email to all HNS students and is posted on the Announcement Archive on the Dietitians of Canada website. The Junior DC Rep is a two-year position, as the Junior DC Rep transitions into the Senior DC Rep position in their second year of term.

-     The position is appointed by a selection committee which includes the Director of the Dietetics Program, and the transitioning DC Rep who will be the new Senior DC Rep for the upcoming year. The Director of the Dietetics Program is the main contact person for the appointing process.

-     The criteria for application is that the student must be a second or third year HNS student, and must submit a letter outlining why they would be the ideal candidate in under 300 words. A current resume and a DC student membership is required.

-     The annual application deadline is typically due after Spring Term and the selection process is completed before classes resume for Fall Term. 

Roles and responsibilities of Nutrition Month Committee Members

-     This committee is chaired by the Dietitians of Canada Senior Representative

-     The Nutrition Month Committee may also consist of 3 other members

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