Roles and responsibilities of

Cfsg senior coordinators

-      This NECO sub-committee primarily deals with Food Systems related issues, activities and other engagements on campus and in the external Winnipeg community 

-      Acts as a liaison between HNS, NECO and the Office of Sustainability by collaborating on events like Sustainability Month and others throughout the year to promote nutrition literacy and food systems education to students in other faculties

-      Responsible for maintenance and improvement projects for the Nutrition Education Permaculture Learning Garden, including but not excluded to: applying for endowment, hiring the garden steward annually, collaborating on projects with students in other faculties to build infrastructure and incite engagement from the student body, plan workshops in the garden and/or other green spaces

-      This committee is headed by the Senior Coordinators (2), who are the facilitators of the events coordinated by this sub-committee of NECO

-      The Senior Coordinators are responsible for applying for monies through grants, endowments and other funding for the groups’ initiatives

-      At least 1 Senior Coordinators is expected to attend monthly NECO Executive Committee meetings to report the groups’ activities

-      The Senior Coordinators are expected to lead and organize CFSG meetings and manage group dynamics independently of the NECO Co-Presidents, while maintaining a regular reporting system

Roles and responsibilities of

Cfsg committee members

The Campus Food Strategy Group is also comprised of 5 other members:

  1. Events Coordinators (2 people):

    1. In charge of planning and executing 6-8 What’s Cooking on Campus (conditions permitted) workshops over the course of the year – Permitted for Winter Term only if Campus re-opens

    2. Planning other Food Systems related workshops, events and initiatives

    3. Collaborating on projects with other student and faculty groups

    4. Outreach and relationship building with UofM and external communities 

  2.  Social Media Coordinator (1 people):

    1. Responsible for posting updates to the group’s social media platforms weekly

    2. Responsible for upholding communications through private messaging on social media platforms and reporting inquiries to Executive Council members as needed

    3. Responsible for creating the narrative of CFSG and it’s activities via Social Media

  3.  Garden Steward (1 person):

    1. Position is part-time over summer growing season (May-September)

    2. Hired yearly by Senior Coordinator in April

    3. Granted honorarium for their work ($1200 through endowment for work from May-September)

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